Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry

crossover-ministry-3000 Of all the punk metal/crossover/whatever the fuck kind of bands these are that have come through me headset, it is easily Iron Reagan who take the crown as the absolute best. It’s their rhythms and uncompromising for anything that really makes them as enjoyable as they are, and with the announcement of “Crossover Ministry”, the question loomed: will they continue to hold up? Simple answer: fuck yeah, they do!

Keeping true to what they’ve always been doing, “Crossover Ministry” pulls not a single punch for anything when it comes to energy, theme, and almost seeming to physically try to be as offensive as possible to all sorts of politics and religions that have garnered a reputation of being absolutely despicable. Now, Iron Reagan manage to shove all of that into 18 scathing tracks that clock in just under a half hour to make “Crossover Ministry” yet another excellent piece to add to the legacy of the ever offensive Iron Reagan. Not only does this album contain the sick riffs, insane speed, and short-lived tracks that we’ve come to expect from this band, Iron Reagan have also decided to reach out for addition voices to share in their own riot. The voices are lent on tracks like “Megachurch” and “Twist Your Fate”, and they add a real nice texture that while Iron Reagan wasn’t necessarily missing they add yet another piece of awesomeness to the mix that I whole-heartedly accept. There’s no denying the power behind “Crossover Ministry” as it’s just a consistently badass ride that doesn’t disappoint from tracks like “Bleed the Fifth” to “Condition Evolution” to “Dogsnotgods” that really show the broad scope that Iron Reagan as learned to encapsulate.

This entire record has plenty of dynamics and everything about it just gets a solid thumbs up from me, which is what I was hoping was going to happen as I first played the album and I’m so happy that became a reality. “Crossover Ministry” is without a doubt one of the early highlights of 2017 for me, and should you find yourself lucky enough to hear this album then you will know precisely what I mean. Iron Reagan hasn’t let down in the past, and it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to start doing so anytime soon.

“Crossover Ministry” releases on February 3rd via Relapse Records!

PRE-ORDER “Crossover Ministry” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 3 tracks off “Crossover Ministry” early on Bandcamp here.

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