Veneum – Trance of Death

venenum_nologo I can safely say that the global sound of death metal, albeit all the same at the very core, is a constantly growing and evolving thing as if it were alive. And we can all name bands that are either stuck in the past or take death metal and try all sorts of different bullshit to make it their own, and though there’s nothing wrong with it where are the bands who just take the original form and build a necropolis upon it? Simple answer: not many, and Venenum prove to be one of those select few.

If there was to be a band that suddenly came out of fucking nowhere, as if it silently crawled from the depths of hell itself, that just seemed to take everything we love about death metal and just turned it right on its fucking head. With their debut full-length album alone, I feel confident in saying that Venenum has achieved a level and title that I personally like to refer to as “apex death metal”. By that, I mean that with “Trance of Death”, this German band has achieved an unbelievable level of badassery and musical craftsmanship that even bands who’ve been at it for decades haven’t come even close to yet. All of “Trance of Death” is a fucking hell of an experience that if you’ve been looking for a band that just takes the extreme to a whole new limit in a whole new dimension, then this is exactly what you need. From its hauntingly beautiful intro to its chaotic blasts of madness that pepper the record to its hypnotic rhythms that tie in fucking amazingly well to an unbelievable 14-minute finale, “Trance of Death” truly does live up to its name and takes you to a world only a few bands can access, and we get to see it’s gory magnificence thanks to Venenum’s genius. This is already a personal highlight this year for me, and I’ve

This is already a personal highlight this year for me, and I’ve no doubt that many others will agree with me upon this album’s release. “Trance of Death” is just one of those records that once you hear it you become infected right then and there, and you just feel compelled to listen to it over and over again. That’s the only sign you need to prove an album’s greatness if ever you needed one, and Venenum delivers it in absolute spades.

“Trance of Death” releases on March 17th!

LISTEN to Venenum’s debut EP on Bandcamp here.

Venenum does not have any known social media accounts/links/places that I could find, so should you know any please do let me know. Otherwise, just enjoy the fucking music.


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