Glasgow Coma Scale – Enter Oblivion

a0996256503_10 When it comes down to being an instrumental band, you gotta be sure that you can really stand out and not just strip away the lyrics from whatever song you please. It’s gotta have some spunk to it and be very interesting, so leave it to various bands to infuse their instrumentals into psychedelia into their rock to make it a hell of a ride. The latest band to do such for me is Glasgow Coma Scale, and oh boy, do they deliver!

It’s bands like My Sleeping Karma and Monkey3 that are at the forefront of instrumental psychedelic rock (how specific!) scene that really show what you can do with some simple strings and beats to create something that’s no less than fabulous. But then it’s group like Glasgow Coma Scale that demonstrates how the style isn’t isolated to a handful of bands in the world, instead these guys show that’s there’s still plenty of territories to be explored. As a farewell to last year, this German group released “Enter Oblivion” that, while by no means perfect whatsoever, shows that the band clearly has the capability to pull off what has always seemed to be such a niche corner of the musical world. Amongst their catchy riffs and loads of psychedelia, Glasgow Coma Scale really nail down everything that’s needed to make the style viable: plenty of shifts and changes in rhythm, not repeating the same sound too many times if at all, and they just know how to sound fucking good throughout all of “Enter Oblivion”. It’s simply a very chill ride that doesn’t shy away from trying different things, and one that I’d happily go on again in the future.

Looking at this as a random album, “Enter Oblivion” holds up really solid without needing any supporting reasons. But to look at it as a band’s very first full-length effort, it’s no less than spectacular and that’s exactly what “Enter Oblivion” is. Glasgow Coma Scale really defied my expectations pleasantly, and I’ve no doubt that they’ll be able to come back with something even better than this feat.

LISTEN to “Enter Oblivion” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Glasgow Coma Scale on Facebook here.


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