The Furor – Cavalries of the Occult

a2467539663_10 Ever since my childhood, I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Australia. Not sure what I would’ve done in that country at such an age, maybe go for wrestling alligators and wrangling snakes like that one guy on the television years back, but now I know I’d be all for its metal scene. With so many good bands constantly coming out of that nation it’s hard to keep up, but here’s yet another to add to your listen of awesome Aussies, and they show they’re not fucking around with this blistering album.

I’ve found it odd that, in my personal experience, there’s not a lot of bands out of Australia that are just balls to the walls fast and unrelenting in every single aspect of the performance. There are bands like Roundtable, Mesarthim, and Hybrid Nightmares who have absolutely shown the capacity to go faster and demonstrate their own versions of intensity, but none have come even close to the inferno that is The Furor. Honestly, I haven’t heard of this group before a few weeks ago via the Transcending Obscurity label sampler and I was instantly keen to hear more, and holy shit does the entirety of “Cavalries of the Occult” blow my first expectations out of the fucking water! All nine tracks absolutely shred to no end as you can instantly feel all the hate, aggression, and the unbridled fury of hell itself seems to come to life with what The Furor manages to lay out before us with the record born of fire and brimstone. Every single piece that we’re given with “Cavalries of the Occult” is a testament to that speed and chaos truly do go hand in hand as The Furor shows what potential they’ve been tempering for years coming to full fruition in the form of something that can only be described as top notch. To call this record a slab that should be heard by anyone who wants their metal coated in living flame topped off with a taste of undeath alongside a sense of hostility that can only be found in a scene of war, then look no further than “Cavalries of the Occult” for it has got more than what you need in absolute spades.

Not only does Australia have fabulous bands of all genres, its artists never cease to impress no matter who it is and whatever it is they put out. The Furor is no different. “Cavalries of the Occult” gets a massive two thumbs up from me and you can be damned sure that I’m going to pay several trips to this soundtrack straight from Tartarus many, many times after its release.

“Cavalries of the Occult” releases on March 5th!

LISTEN to the title track of the record on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Furor on Facebook here.


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