Vacivus – Nuclear Chaos

a0445266283_10 There are just some bands that thrive in the obscurity of the underground, and almost seem more than content to stay in the shadows as they weave whatever they may. Vacivus is one such band that seems to always dwell in the darkness and fully embrace it, and it was very apparent with their last album of “Rite of Ascension”. Should there have been any doubt that their awesomeness would wane in time, their upcoming EP quickly dismisses them.

It was their absolutely raw and unbridled fury that really helped Vacivus stand out amongst the rest of the underground when I first heard them. Many others seem to only want to go fast, be loud, and let out undirected rage, and while that’s okay it could be taken several steps forward. Vacivus truly does their damnedest to embody all that is chaos and darkness incarnate simply because why the fuck not? To say that they haven’t lost a single iota of their power in the last two years give or take a few months would be a grievous understatement. If anything, the void that Vacivus leaped into with “Rite of Ascension” seems have only grown both darker and deeper as that’s what makes up “Nuclear Chaos”. Two tracks are all this piece gives us, and it’s possibly the band’s darkest material to date and it sounds fucking awesome! “Nuclear Chaos” goes all the way from a real creepy and unsettling sensation that truly gets underneath your skin quickly evolves to unrelenting death metal to a straight up blasphemous slab that does not hold back for anything. The whole EP really does show what prowess Vacivus has made in their time as a band, and you can really feel it amongst all the madness and chaos that “Nuclear Chaos” dishes out each and every second of its runtime. If you look up the term “excellence from the darkest depths”, I firmly believe that this should be what pops up.

I remember hearing Vacivus for the first time and simply wanting to hear more from these gentlemen hailing from the UK, and that’s exactly what I got with “Nuclear Chaos”. It’s but the very, very tip of the iceberg with this band I’m very sure, but none of us can really prepare properly for what is the come from whatever magnificence Vacivus will be able to pump out next. And I can’t fucking wait to pounce on it the moment I can!

“Nuclear Chaos” officially releases on March 31st!

LISTEN to “Nuclear Chaos” on Bandcamp here or below.

LIKE Vacivus on Facebook here.


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