Dead Acid People – Mocker Fuzzers

a0378625269_10 I’m always looking for some form of metal or rock that stands out a bit from the crowd as you can kind of see from this whole website-review-bullshit-thing that I’ve kept going because I’ve too much free time. So, when a band that doesn’t really sound very different or stands out quite a bit I try to look at if the band in question has potential amidst their material. For the French group of Dead Acid People, there’s loads of potential to throw around.

Stoner rock, as with every single sub-genre out there that’s got a fair populace to it, is no means unexplored territory by any standards. It’s gone in several different directions and has gone even further with the spread of idea via the internet and social medias and shit like that. Sometimes, a band can really find their home in a place that many others have come and seen in their time, and one band that really seems to find their own little corner of stoner rock is Dead Acid People. Their debut record of “Mocker Fuzzers”, while in no way in my eyes because anywhere near fantastic, shows that these gentlemen out of France truly do have the capacity to create a real solid album for the style. This piece has plenty of riffs and hooks to toss around, and that right there is really where “Mocker Fuzzers” keeps you interesting outside of its smooth vocals and rhythms that really know how to bring a decent flow and keep the beats no less than delicious. However, all of those components are there by themselves and rarely actually come together cohesively to really pack the punch that Dead Acid People clearly has the capability to throw, but I feel it’s their lack of experience as a band that prevented them from pulling it off. And while that’s disappointing and does decrease the overall enjoyment I got out of “Mocker Fuzzers”, I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that I still enjoyed what the record had to offer. I feel many would feel the same upon investigating the album as well.

A new band always has a lot to prove, and it’s always a coin toss when it comes to whether or not they’re a good one. When it comes to Dead Acid People with me, it’s as if the coin has landed on its side perfectly. There are some really nice elements to this music that you can’t ignore, but it’s the band’s inexperience that ultimately rings in the lack of me britches being filled. “Mocker Fuzzers” is a piece that is one that’s caused quite a conundrum for me, but nonetheless I do have to recommend the album should you want to hear potential from a promising band that clearly just wants to have fun.

LISTEN to “Mocker Fuzzers” on Bandcamp here.

BUY “Mocker Fuzzers” via iTunes here.

LIKE Dead Acid People on Facebook here.


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