Morbid Messiah – In the Name of True Death Metal

a0375052152_10 It’s impossible to be an active searcher of death metal and not come across one group trying to be old school for every modern death metal band. Some people just can’t seem to let go of the past, and while there’s nothing wrong with that I’m a firm believer that you gotta do it correctly if you’re going to keep something “old” going for so long. Morbid Messiah clearly understands that, and they’re debut EP perfectly represents that.

To name your debut piece “In the Name of True Death Metal” is a very, very bold thing to do for two reasons. First, you gotta be sure that you’re not just pulling our chains and throwing in some extra bullshit like keyboards and what not – you gotta keep it low, nasty, and as ridden with maggots as possible. Second, the metal has to actually sound like original death metal! I first thought that Morbid Messiah was gonna fuck up the second one, but the universe continues to prove me wrong each and every single day of my life and in this instance I fucking love it! “In the Name of True Death Metal” really lives up to the bar its name alone sets, and it makes for one of those albums that you really gotta hear only if you want to be teleported back to the very bottom of the underground metal scene back in the 80s where the first death metal growls were being uttered and the rotten riffs were first recorded. All seven tracks of this EP really bore deep into your skull and fester uncontrollably as you’re smashing through this relentless album that doesn’t cease its infernal reign of horror for even a split second. Ever hear of something lawful good and evil? Well, there’s an exact opposite to lawful good and that’s chaotic evil which is exactly what Morbid Messiah is the embodiment of, and it’s showcased wondrously with their debut.

It’s a fairly rare occasion that any band anywhere, new or old, can not only emulate that original death metal sound but do it to the point that you could say it was made back in ’91 and we’d be none the wiser. Thankfully, we’ve got bands like Morbid Messiah to continuously remind us that they do exist, indeed. “In the Name of True Death Metal” is an EP that you aren’t going to want to pass up and will absolutely remember should you have even a hint at liking a taste of the original death.

“In the Name of True Death Metal” is being re-released via Godz ov War Productions on January 31st!

LISTEN to a few tracks off the record on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Morbid Messiah on Facebook here.


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