Lorn – Arrayed Claws

ivr068_-_lorn_-_arrayed_claws There’s always a line for something. Where is it for black metal for when things take a turn into a world that no one could’ve seen coming? It’s a very fine line that you can’t really know about unless you actively search for it, and I’ve crossed it a few times but rarely does a band make an unforgettable crossing of the line that really kicks things up a notch. Lorn is the newest group to do it for me, and holy shit do they know how to deliver.

A band would likely need over an hour to demonstrate how ferocious their sound is and how much they’re thinking outside of the black metal box, and yet that’s not what we get with Lorn’s upcoming album of “Arrayed Claws”. We get a record the likes of which we could only find from the darkest depths of black metal (thank you, I, Voidhanger Records), but it’s somehow condensed in just over forty minutes to make this slab one of the most extreme pieces of black metal that I’ve honestly ever heard. There are bands who try their best to harken back to the origins of Darkthrone, Burzum, and bands like that, but not Lorn. These gentlemen are looking much further ahead and you can hear that in their sound as they create these rhythms that really cut underneath your skin, lurk for a while by soothing back into a dark presence sprinkled with some evil psychedelia for good measure, and then with the next track it all explodes outside with such violence that you never could’ve expected Lorn do it so well every single time. A band that can do both intense majesties alongside darker spells isn’t anything new to black metal, but I firmly believe it’s never been seen on such a fucking intense scale like “Arrayed Claws” before. Lorn goes above and beyond with this album and I’ve nothing but confidence in saying that if you want some truly bleak, uncompromising, and fucked up black metal that will hold you by the throat and not let go even long after you’re gone, “Arrayed Claws” is exactly what you fucking need.

There are bands out there that you really have to look for because otherwise, you’re never going to find them. Lorn is one of them, and with their mad sense of making music accompanying their brilliance, it’s a sad thing to know they’re going to continue to be a gem that very few know about. “Arrayed Claws” is an astounding piece of the obscure darkness that must be heard, and please listen to my words when I tell you that you shouldn’t pass up this record upon its release.

“Arrayed Claws” releases on February 3rd!

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