Ulg – Windark

a1794796304_10 The dark world of atmospheric black is one that I always love to take a trip to every now and then as you never know what excellence you’re going to find next. It’s also densely populated by bands who are helmed by one person, which I always find fascinating to no end. It’s only a matter of time until I ran into another, and the latest one happens to be Ulg who knows how to bring a dark, haunting atmospheric black metal the likes of which we truly need more of.

A band’s debut always says a lot about the group in question, and “Windark” is no exception. Busting in with four tracks and a run time that stretches well over thirty minutes, this record had a lot to prove and goddamn did it not only deliver, but it absolutely showed that Ulg has plenty of promise to throw around. While “Windark” is light years away from being the fanciest and most innovative album in terms of anything from the fret board usage to vocal style, it’s still massively entertaining with its dark and depressing atmosphere even though it never fully went into a style that was quiet or slower. Instead, Ulg seems to have relied on the quality of the music itself, giving the final mix a dissonant and off-putting sound that makes the music sound like it’s calling you from the darkest reaches of a shadow-tinted woodland, but you’ve no idea where it’s coming from. Yet, “Windark” is also a violent record that really embodies the ferocity that atmospheric black metal has become known for nowadays, and Ulg really manages to make it sounds just different enough from other bands like Saor, Vukari, or even Agalloch, and that makes this record all the more enjoyable for each and every listener.

Sometimes a band doesn’t have to be wildly different or do some ground-breaking bullshit to grab peoples’ attention, but rather just do what feels natural to them and the man behind Ulg definitely feels right at home with what he’s created with “Windark”. A dimly lit and foreboding atmosphere shadowing black metal is something that’s by no means whatsoever new to the metal world (particularly on Bandcamp), but fuck me sideways if it isn’t still good to bathe in after a while of not hearing any. Hopefully, Ulg will once more rise to the challenge because I’m beyond keen to see what else this project can pump out.

LISTEN to “Windark” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ulg on Facebook here.


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