SiB – Loaded Heart

a2664755642_10 You ever just search for music randomly without any clear goal for what you’re looking for? That’s how I started out roughly five hours ago looking for what today’s review would be. Initially, I was looking for some heavy as fuck doom to enjoy, but somehow I drifted into the psychedelic rock (a personal favorite of mine). And then I stumbled upon the debut full-length from the French-born Australian, SiB, and this is, as Bob Ross would call it, a happy accident of a discovery.

Even though I found this underneath the psychedelic rock tab of Bandcamp, I firmly believe that those two words themselves do not even begin to act as a proper representation of what SiB has done with “Loaded Heart”. The ten tracks that we get with this record are the likes of which that I never would’ve seen coming from primarily one man, but I could absolutely see it come from the land down under as it has a seemingly endless amount of very talented artists, and SiB is clearly one of them. “Loaded Heart” truly has it all from the rock world should you want something from the very core of a man’s soul, a catchy piece that lifts up your spirits in a chorus about the goodness of life, or a real dense track of fuzz that is no less than absolutely entrancing. Then there’s the simple yet extremely important that fact that even amongst all these diverse tracks and a constantly changing style that seem absolutely boundless, SiB never once faltered in terms of quality, and that’s something that many can boast on their first full-length. And to call “Loaded Heart” a heavy-handed record that delivered would be a very grievous understatement as SiB did what I could dare to call such a good job that I feel any rock fan who happens to give this piece a chance will not be able to stop listening once they start.

There are these things called “sleeper hits” where the piece of media in question starts off a little slow but soon gains speed and becomes quite popular despite little to no widespread promotion. I firmly believe “Loaded Heart” can become one of those simply because it’s a very entertaining record that covers the entire table of the rock genre, and is nothing less than a treat and is a true testament to the talent behind SiB. Of all the fucking amazing bands of all kinds that I’ve heard come out of Australia including A Breach of Silence, Mesarthim, Roundtable, Hilltop Hoods, and Bliss n Eso, SiB stands amongst even the most gifted of them all in my eyes, and I’ve complete confidence in saying that this band has untapped talent beyond what we can see with “Loaded Heart” that has the potential to really get people going. The only thing we can do, sadly, is wait and see.

LISTEN to “Loaded Heart” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE SiB on Facebook here.

FOLLOW SiB on Twitter: @adriensib


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