Daemoniac – Spawn of the Fallen

a1894552309_10 I find it to always be a good thing to always return to the basics after a certain amount of time. In my case, the basics happen to be some old fashioned death metal that isn’t fancy in any sort of way but instead is just brutal, fast, and chaos incarnate all the fucking time. No country does that better than Sweden in my opinion, and it’s the new act of Daemoniac that only further solidifies that belief of mine.

It’s a pretty well-known fact that it’s a band’s debut album that is their most important simply because it shows what this new band has to offer and what we can come to expect from them should they make the decision to create more material. In the case of Daemonic and their debut of “Spawn of the Fallen” that’s still so new, it’s sparkling, these guys have an album that doesn’t bring a single thing to the table in terms of innovation or anything that could be even remotely considered as stylistically unique. That being said, this record is a fantastic slab of death metal straight from the old school that fucking shreds and delivers one hundred fucking percent! The entirety of what Daemoniac has made here is exactly what any person who’s enjoyed the original sound of death metal, and yet even though I’ve heard that sound so many times before today Daemoniac still made it an extremely entertaining ride that doesn’t let up for even a nanosecond in the whole of the 43 minutes that “Spawn of the Fallen” elapses. And to really put the blood icing on this rotten cake, Daemoniac managed to throw in a cover of Macrodex’s “Cremation” at the very end, and it’s a damn good cover if I’ve ever seen one, and it serves as a brilliant end to a staggeringly brutal album.

The label of Xtreem Music has always been highly reliable when it comes to finding some of the most extreme (ha – get it?) the underground scenes of the world have to offer, so them finding the fresh talent of Daemoniac is something that is absolutely textbook for the Spanish label. “Spawn of the Fallen” is a terrific debut for this sort of band, as it shows that Daemoniac isn’t fucking around one bit and that they mean real business with their death metal. And I’m definitely keen to hear more!

LISTEN to “Spawn of the Fallen” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Daemoniac on Twitter: @Daemoniacband


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