Black Anvil – As Was

12 Jacket (Gatefold - Two Pocket) [GD30OB2-N] The current state of modern black metal is something that the human brain simply has a whole bunch of trouble wrapping itself around. There are so many branching paths and it’s always on the move that it’s hard to keep up with at times. But to have a band that can stand to be the embodiment of what all of the modern age of black metal is in its entirety? Unspeakable! Yet, here’s Black Anvil, doing just that with their upcoming piece “As Was”.

I typically don’t enjoy labeling any one piece of music as “art” simply because every time I’ve come across someone who calls their stuff art they’re always some pretentious prick that I wanna give a swift punch to the jaw to. But for some reason when I want to go and put “As Was” into minimal words, the term “art” is all I can come up simply because that’s what Black Anvil has created here – black metal art. Not exactly a phrase that we see every day, but that’s precisely what we get with this eight track mammoth. The whole of this album is the kind that’s always on the move, it never stays in one place for too long as it is constantly shifting its tone while taking on brand new atmospheres and creating stunning melodies that I never thought Black Anvil could conjure up. Truly, “As Was” literally shattered all of my initial expectations. I went in expecting some form of blackened thrash that I feel would have a bit of diversity to it given it’s Black Anvil we’re talking here, but nothing could’ve made me expect something of this scale. All this praise being said, “As Was” wasn’t a perfect album in my eyes as the various different sounds clashed every now and then, making the overall flow and sound at that moment a little discombobulated, but not once did the album fail to deliver massive levels of enjoyment. That, of all things, is what I was hoping to find on “As Was”, and I was thankfully not let down.

The notorious realm of New York City is known for a lot of things, and while its metal scene is not a standout part of the cesspool, Black Anvil are one of the bands making a case for why the city’s underground is something that needs to be heard. As a real roller-coaster of black metal in every single way imaginable, “As Was” is a near hour long album that lays down a sound the likes of which we’ve probably never seen before, but I’ll be damned before you catch me saying I don’t want more.

“As Was” releases on January 13th!

PRE-ORDER “As Was” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 2 tracks off “As Was” on Bandcamp here.

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