Grave Digger – Healed By Metal

696_gravedigger_cmyk With the legendary band of Manowar throwing in the towel very soon, who will be left to carry the torch that is the original heavy metal experience? I don’t mean as original as Black Sabbath, I mean like that somewhat cheesy classic metal where the band talks about metal and being badasses in general. I feel like Grave Digger is one band that’s eligible to carry the torch, and their upcoming album of “Healed by Metal” is a pretty good argument as to why they should.

Sometimes all you need in life is good quality heavy metal that doesn’t fuck around by trying to be all fancy or doing something new so that all the kids can hear something different and all that bullshit. That’s not Grave Digger for even a second. What these guys do now is the same thing I feel like they’ve been doing since the band’s inception in 1980, and they don’t seem to be getting tired of it one single bit. “Healed by Metal” is a real blast from the past that anyone who’s had the classic experience of records from back in the day, and it doesn’t disappoint one single bit. You can find fast guitars, catchy as fuck vocals, group vocals for choruses, massive levels of awesomeness and badassery; the whole nine fucking yards. All ten tracks of “Healed by Metal” are exactly what the doctor ordered as well as I’ve been detecting a distinct lack of quality heavy metal in the world ever since Iron Maiden’s last album, but Grave Digger have more than aptly answered the call to action with this record and I feel many will agree with me on this one.

This is both a fun and massively entertaining record the likes of which we simply don’t get anymore, and I’ll be damned if I let it come and go unnoticed. Grave Digger has always been a band to keep tabs on, and if you’ve never heard them before then you need to stop what you’re fucking doing and mark your brand new calendars for this release date as “Healed by Metal” is a piece that you are going to be looking forward to hearing, and is one that you will play over and over and over again.

“Healed by Metal” releases on January 13th!

PRE-ORDER “Healed by Metal” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Call For War” off the album via YouTube here, or below.

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