The Mutilator – The Seven Seals

a0331424934_10 What’s something that many of us metalheads have always wanted out of our metal? The answer is extremely simple: power! More power!! You can never have enough power, then couple that with brutality and you got death metal that can never be powerful enough! Some bands simply don’t know how much is either too much or too little, but The Mutilator aren’t one of those bands as they’ve gotten the proper amount of power with their latest album, “The Seven Seals”.

The overwhelming amount of energy that The Mutilator brings to the table with these nine songs are just the exact type of thing that everyone should expect to hear when diving head first into the world of death metal. “The Seven Seals” is an album the likes of which you should only approach should you want to go through a good layer or two of Hell where you bear witness to gruesomely horrible sights, and there’s music playing along to the torture that fits ever so well. This is that music. Be it at a breakneck pace that isn’t stopping for the end of the world or an uncompromising rhythm that is nothing short of fucking glory, The Mutilator know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it in such a way that you never once get tired of their intensity if you’re any sort of fan of death metal. “The Seven Seals” is an album that should not be taken lightly, and I’ll be damned before I refuse to say that this isn’t a solid piece from a band that has had its fair share of material that it has released in the past.

Whether you want a song that’s somewhat of a slow burner or one that’s no less than a blazing inferno, you can bet your ass that The Mutilator can easily deliver exactly what you need and then some. If you’ve been looking for some albums of unwavering energy to close out the year with, then you better be damned sure “The Seven Seals” is one of them.

LISTEN to “The Seven Seals” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Mutilator on Facebook here.


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