Kreator – Satan Is Real (single)

14572972_10154289148774652_6578898603702333530_n There are bands of thrash out there that get as much love for their hard work over the decades as they do hate, and while none may compare to the massive levels of criticism that Metallica may get there are still those who understand what it’s like to go decades and have every single thing they’ve made judged by all sorts of people. Kreator is a band that’s not a stranger to that, and with this new single they’ve shown they’re once more ready to share their voice, and oh boy does it sound like it’s going to be grand, indeed.

Coming around with a single that’s simply named “Satan Is Real” sounds, admittedly, extremely boring given the reputation that metal has been given, and I’ll be honest once more in saying that this is miles away from being the most original and mind-bending song when it comes down to its level of creativity and originality. But fuck me sideways if it doesn’t sound good. What Kreator has made with “Satan Is Real” is nothing short of a real thrash anthem in my eyes, and while it’s most likely not going to be a song that many people will remember them for, it’s absolutely a good a reason as any for why they should be remembered in the first place. What matters to me is how this one track shows that Kreator still aren’t throwing in the towel yet as a thrash metal band and are still sticking to the sound that they’ve been more than comfortable with playing all these years, and even if this won’t be their best album in the vast majority of peoples’ eyes (call it an educated guess) it is still going to be one fucking massive of a record to check out once it drops. I’ve faith in these German thrash lords, and will absolutely check out the full version of “Gods of Violence”, and call it a gut feeling when I say that I personally won’t be disappointed, but I find it just hard to believe in general that most won’t enjoy the album for themselves, for Kreator are simply one of those bands that continue to impress time and again.

Kreator has always assured quality thrash in their years, and if “Satan Is Real” is any sort of inkling for what the whole album entails (and it obviously is), then we’re in for a hell of an album, boys. “Gods of Violence” is sure to pack one fucking hell of a punch, and you can be damn sure I’m going to get a piece of that!

“Gods of Violence” releases on January 27th!

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