Evil Force – Banging on the Pentagram

a1157101742_10 I always like finding new music from the most unexpected of places. For instance, if you were to have asked me some time ago about death metal from Iran I would’ve made a joke of how there isn’t any death metal from that country, yet Azooma has gained my love. Paraguay, though? That’s definitely a new one for me. So, it’s nice to see that there’s at least one band from that nation that knows what they’re doing, and Evil Force is that band.

In my time as a metalhead, I’ve noticed something: the worlds of both death and thrash metal are filled with the same kinds of bands in the underground. Both are filled to the brim with bands that seem to only want to follow the same basic formula and it just makes the experience so droll after hearing band after band doing it album after album. It gets old real quick, but it’s bands like Evil Force that renew my faith in the underground every single time, and it’s albums like “Banging on the Pentagram” that remind me why I continue to return time and again. This record is a very solid piece that consists of eight blistering tracks of headbanging thrash that refuses to let up as thrash metal should always be. Evil Force keeps true to an old school speed and sound that will please just about anyone looking for a half decent thrash album, and it’s the fact that Evil Force can meld together the new and the old styles of thrash that makes “Banging on the Pentagram” a very good listen. Delicious riffs and undeniable speed both come together to make this record as good as it is, and after the first few tracks, it’s not hard to see why this album is so enjoyable.

I’m not quite sure how large the Paraguay metal scene is in its entirety, but after hearing what Evil Force has to offer I’m definitely keen to investigate what it has to offer. “Banging on the Pentagram” is a very nice slab of thrash that I’d recommend to any fan of the genre along with anyone just looking for a good metal time, and Evil Force will absolutely not disappoint.

LISTEN to “Banging on the Pentagram” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Evil Force on Facebook here.


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