Snow Burial – Victory in Ruin

a1546372628_10 It is to my understanding that the term of “hipster” has garnered its share of hatred in recent years and is especially used for a group of people against typical norms, which is a whole bunch of whatever in my eyes. However, never did I once think someone would dare describe their brand of metal as a hipster style, and even more did I never expect to hear the term “hipster doom”. Yet, here Snow Burial is with what’s probably the world’s first . . . hipster doom style, and it’s not as bad as one might think.

I’ll be honest as I always have – I did not think I was going to like what Snow Burial had to offer when I saw that eye catcher of a description for their style. Yet, never being one to turn away from the possibility of something great, I dove head first in, nonetheless. And with the roughly 40 minutes that I spent investigating what laid within the contents of Snow Burial’s latest record, “Victory in Ruin”, I found plenty of enjoyment, intrigue, and loads of potential that can be found out of these Chicago inhabitants. Much like how personal doom highlights of Inter Arma and Faces of the Bog combined a little bit of a lot of different styles to coalesce into one entertaining piece wrapped in doom, Snow Burial is able to create an experience that’s a fair distance from anything we’ve come to know in the known world of metal, but still sounding fresh enough to breathe new life into something we’ve heard plenty of times before. “Victory in Ruin” is a very solid record of eight tracks that have so many twists and turns, ups and downs that it’s a constantly enjoyable ride that doesn’t have any points where I feel like Snow Burial really dropped the ball or tried something that just didn’t work in the end, and that’s always a great thing to see.

To call this record a smashing success would be a tad of an overstatement if you ask me, but it’s not far from the truth. “Victory in Ruin” is an entertaining piece that shows heaps of promise from a band that pulled off something that is clearly new and is absolutely something that could get a fan base behind. All Snow Burial needs is more time to hone their skill and really nail their style to make an album that will be nothing short of a mind fuck, and I’ve utter confidence they have got the capacity to do so.

LISTEN to “Victory in Ruin” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Snow Burial on Facebook here.

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