Atlas – Blush

a3687789938_10 I find it to be very healthy for someone to always try and expand their musical horizons, especially when you’re someone like me who is constantly searching for new material every single day for whatever reason. For me, I always make the occasional trek to the world of hardcore because it’s intrigued me before but never truly astounded me. Atlas is by no means whatsoever the first band of its kind to really wow me, but they’re still noteworthy in my eyes.

Whenever I type up these reviews I look at the material in question in two different ways: (1) critically, meaning that I judge its sounds, flows, and all that general bullshit that would actually go into a proper critique, and (2) how I personally enjoy the record with all my tastes and bullshit like that weighing in. I do my best to balance them out, and it’s with bands like Atlas that I’m truly torn, and let’s take their latest album of “Blush” to be the obvious example. I really did enjoy the instruments and the rhythms, pacings, and sounds that they created throughout the entirety of this 30-minute record. However, while I’ve virtually no problems with the instruments, it’s the vocals that put me off real quick, and I honestly hate saying that because that always seems to be the problem with me for anything akin to hardcore. The vocals are really creative when you look at how they really convey emotion and bring the lyrics to life, but it’s just to overall sound of them that just don’t work at all for me, and I do my best to look past them in order to make the best out of the record, and thankfully the overall quality of “Blush” allowed me to do that quite easily. It’s not very often that I can honestly say I still managed to find enjoyment out of a record that initially came off as less than satisfactory to me, and I’m very glad I can say that as well.

Granted, this album is Atlas’ first actual piece of material in basically three years and it’s also but their second effort to my knowledge, and I feel that attributes a lot to what Atlas could sound like if they have more experience as a band. All that being said, “Blush” is still something I’d recommend to anyone who’s into real emotive hardcore that isn’t afraid to become real cathartic real quick with what’s arguably the best energy to match.

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