Self-Hatred – Theia

a0830471603_10 The wonderful world of doom metal is, like all music, an ever expanding one that never ceases to continuously pump out one marvelous band to behold one after another. Then it’s how every now and then we get a band that dips into the realm that is blackened doom and we get to reach all new levels of heavy the likes of which not many other genres can replicate. And with bands like Self-Hatred showing how it’s done right, the genre is clearly in good hands.

As their debut album, Self-Hatred had a lot to prove with “Theia”. Mainly, as every other debut records before them, to show that this band is worth listening to and what we could come to expect from them in future efforts. It’d be easy for me to say that Self-Hatred really nailed this record, but I can just as easily say the opposite because of how refined the album is throughout its total run time of roughly 40 minutes.  The reason I say how I can easily call this great is because of how well “Theia” conveyed the many different directions that its nine tracks took. Self-Hatred constantly shifted the base sound that ranged from a crushing doom presence that many a doom fan is familiar with, a real crunch brought by the black metal contribution that are the additional vocals that truly bring another awesome layer into the mix, and just enough atmosphere that you really feel emersed in this world that Self-Hatred has carved for us, which is all but fantastic. However, everything has this minor sense of clunkiness that permeates the entirety of “Theia” that just somehow brings down the overall enjoyment that one gets out of the record if you ask me, albeit something that you could easily look past when listening.

Overall, a fairly solid record that is a more than fair enough debut in my eyes. It’s an extremely solid effort that has its own flaws and mistakes, but those aren’t things that can’t be cured with time. Self-Hatred is absolutely a band that I’d keep an eye on in the future that is a definite piece of interest should you want some good blackened doom that many others out there can’t replicate, and “Theia” is as good a point to start as any.

LISTEN to “Theia” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Self-Hatred on Facebook here.


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