Arrakis – Electricon

electricon-front-cover Every so often I find myself in need of something that is truly out of this world. Need a special flavor of rock that nothing else can really replicate. I’m talking ’bout the ol’ flavor that is psychedelic rock. Many a band has done it excellently well, but a handful has nailed it instrumentally. Typically I’d only mention bands like My Sleeping Karma in the instance of instrumental psych-rock, but today Arrakis as earned its time in the sun.

Being an instrumental band is by no means whatsoever an easier feat than if the band in question had a vocalist. Without vocals, you now have to worry about keeping your listeners entertained without a voice guiding them through the way, and some people find that extremely challenging. I’ve not the foggiest idea of how Arrakis finds the challenge of not having a vocalist but damn it if they didn’t tackle it with utmost skill in the case of their latest EP that is “Electricon”. The five tracks that make up this piece are quite possibly the prime example of what I’d call a record that truly does blur the line of genre classification. What Arrakis have created here is something that is a seamless combination of headbanging inducing stoner rock alongside straight up hypnotic psychedelic rock that does not disappoint for anyone seeking out something with true flavor and texture. The flows of the guitars, the thunderous beats of the drums, and groovy as fuck rhythms of the bass all come together to create a momentous record with a style the likes of which shouldn’t be ignored if you want something that can’t be described as anything short of special. We don’t get bands and albums of this vein often, so it’s best to treasure them when they come along.

Usually, it takes a band a few efforts to really nail down their style and sound that they’re aiming for, especially if there aren’t many other bands to influence their specific tastes, but Arrakis have truly risen above with this EP and shown that they are true musicians. “Electricon” is one hell of a treat of an album that less than ten bands in the entire world have created anything to compare it to, and this is arguably one of the very best of that very limited group.

LISTEN to “Electricon” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Arrakis on Facebook here.


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