Teitanblood – Accursed Skin

a2122823056_10 What has a guy got to get some straight fucking nasty metal around here anymore? Even if I have to scrounge what might as well be the bottom of the underground that I’ve access to via the internet to find what I’ve been needing then so be it! And that’s exactly what I fucking did, goddammit, and what I found was just what the witch doctor order. A prescription of Teitanblood? Yes, please!

Bands don’t get much more obscure than what this Spanish band has become, I tell you what. And even after multiple, multiple albums, EPs, and all that madness you’re still as mysterious and unsettling as you were from that very first demo? Not many can say that and actually have it be true. With “Accursed Skin”, it’s no exaggeration for me to say that while it’s still pretty refined in terms of its presentation, mixing, mastering, and all that, but at its very core the record is without a doubt one of the most vile pieces of blackened death metal that I’ve come across for quite some time. Teitanblood only made two tracks for this EP, but as they both clock over 11 minutes a piece there’s still a fuck ton of chaos to go around for every single one of us who want to bask in the infernal glory that has been laid out for us. The sheer intensity and onslaught of aggression that “Accursed Skin” puts on is a fucking hell of a show that you just simply can’t find all that often anymore, and that makes Teitanblood a special treat that truly should be savored if you’re lucky enough to get a taste of it. And this EP is nothing short of absolutely fucking delicious.

It’s as if these guys crawled from the darkest fiery depths of Hell in the dark of night and decided to create a metal band the likes of which the world has definitely seen before, but no one can deny their massive presence and amazingly talented music. Should you want something that’s nothing less than fucking nasty that is at the same goddamn time something glorious that must be heard by all metalheads who don’t take their metal lightly, “Accursed Skin” is something you desperately need to investigate.

LISTEN to “Accursed Skin” on Bandcamp here.

Teitanblood does not have any official social media links but there are Facebook pages dedicated to them here and here (neither of which have been acknowledged by the band as far as I know).


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