SevenSins – Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse

a1557247784_10 I’m a fan of many things. A lot of stuff in the world of metal music tends to be very favorable in my eyes and while I feel I can agree with a lot of what I hear, there are subtle factors that still influence me outside of the music itself. The presentation is a massive one, and when it’s done really well it’s hard for the ensuing music to be anywhere near bad. Let’s take SevenSins, for example, whose blends of symphonic black metal is nothing short of pristine.

It’s difficult to take two pretty unique genres and smash them together while still making the result coherent and fit for human consumption. While the practice of symphonic black metal is one that is by no means a new thing to the world, I still feel few bands have truly gotten the style down tight. And one of those is SevenSins who come out of the unlikely nation of Kazakhstan with their latest album, “Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse”. The whole of this well-rounded eleven track record is one of those that it starts off a little odd as the intro track is purely instrumental and is a little “eh” if you ask me, but then with the second track things immediately skyrocket into excellence. While “Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse” does indeed have some incredible intricate symphonies that are simply fascinating in their dullest moments, the album does not at all skimp on SevenSins’ intensity as a black metal band, and it all collides so fucking well in each track. It’s not beautiful, peaceful symphonies that are woven here, no. Instead, we’re treated with absolutely horrifying notes that cut so deep that it’s satisfying, and when the metal kicks in it’s all the sweeter within seconds. Simply put, this album does not disappoint for even a fucking second, and that’s something I really wanna see more out of the global symphonic black metal community.

As I said: pristine. That is a one-word description should you want one for this record and it is possibly the best one. SevenSins have yet to put out five pieces of material at this point in time, but I’ll be damned if I say that they aren’t incredibly talented and have a fucking killer sound that was hard to deny. “Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse” is one of those pieces that if you want something different then this is what you need, and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else.

LISTEN to “Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE SevenSins on Facebook here.


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