Tóxica – Ahogados en Contaminacion

a2196846499_10 I understand that it’s the country of Brazil that gets a good bit of attention for its metal scene thanks to bands like Sepultura emerging from within its borders, but what of the rest of the South American continent? We don’t exactly see a lot of Brazil’s neighboring nations. What of their metal undergrounds? Well, Argentina has one band as a response: Tóxica. And it’s Tóxica that shows it’s not just Brazil that can bring good South American metal.

For whatever ungodly reason, there are some people out there who will refuse to listen to some music or a band if the singer isn’t speaking English. That doesn’t make a lick of sense to me, and it never will, because there’s so much unspoken talent that doesn’t use English as a native language. Tóxica, as you may have been able to tell by now, is a prime example of that. Their first full-length record of “Ahogados en Contaminacion” (translation: “Drowning in Pollution”) is a massive step up from their debut EP, and from the very first track alone you can tell that Tóxica isn’t messing around for even a second. All of the 12 tracks that make up “Ahogados en Contaminacion” are absolutely face melting, which is very appropriate given the album title, are the product of pure diets of Slayer, Exodus, Testament, and other thrash greats that have influenced many a metalhead for decades, and Tóxica is clearly a group of those influenced. It’s the vicious riffs, unrelenting aggression, and the magnificent flow of each song that help keep the album flowing, and they show that already after only putting out material for not even three years, these Argentinians already got the formula for a damn good and successful record down air tight.

“Ahogados en Contaminacion” is a fucking pristine thrash record that is an absolute essential treat for anyone who’s been scouring the underground scenes of the world for the highest quality of thrash, there’s no question about it! What Tóxica lack in experience and time as a band, they immediately make up for it with being a fucking hell of an act to behold, and the perfect band to represent a nation’s thrash scene in its entirety. You can absolutely bet I’ll be crawling back to this record for more of that devilishly good metal, and I’ve no doubt that in the future Tóxica will yet again deliver nothing short of magnificence.

LISTEN to “Ahogados en Contaminacion” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Tóxica on Facebook here.


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