Elbrus – s/t

a0316250822_10 Somebody, please, tell me what the fuck is up with Australia. I don’t know what it is with that place. First, the beautiful land itself. Second, the dangerous wildlife that we non-Aussies have come to fear. Third, the fucking music scene of every single genre within its borders is absolutely immaculate! There’s never been a band that’s disappointed me who’s hailed from Australia, and Elbrus is the latest band to continue this fan-fucking-tastic trend for me.

I’m as much of a fan of rock as the next guy, but above all other types of rock, I have to admit and say that both stoner and psychedelic rock take the cake for me. However, while I have a pretty goddamn picky attitude when listening to albums that fall into those styles. That’s just how I am, unfortunately, but I’m lucky enough to have stumbled upon true gems being this way, and the latest gem is quite the beauty. Elbrus is a brand spankin’ new band (even got that new band smell) and with their even newer debut self-titled album, we can instantly see that these gentlemen and lady out of Melbourne are not messing around at all. What they’ve created for us is a six track helping of fuzzy riffs wrapped with subtle rhythms done by an organ and topped off with melodic vocals that just sound so fucking good that it was honestly impossible to not keep listening. And that absolutely impeccable cover art serves as a brilliant tie in with the overall spirit and sound of Elbrus, and even by the chorus of the first track you simply don’t want the journey to end because even though it’s like many others before it, the special concoction that is Elbrus has a special potency about it that makes it all but extremely intoxicating.

If this is but the tip of the iceberg for what Elbrus can create, then consider me wallet fucking empty because I will quite literally throw dollars at my computer screen to see what else these Aussies can whip next. This debut is a hell of a fucking ride that should not be missed for anything if you’re any sort of rock fan that wants to hear the best of the best from up and coming bands, and Elbrus is absolutely one of those groups. Elbrus is a band that you are going to absolutely want to keep an eye on in the future, mark my words, goddamnit.

LISTEN to “Elbrus” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Elbrus on Facebook here.


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