Old Chapel – Visions from Beyond

a2639627424_10 I want you to go back to the old school. I mean the real old school. I don’t mean the shit that newer bands nowadays make from just taking your run-of-the-mill death metal and mix it very badly and be all ahh! old school! Nope. None of that. I mean that down right nasty shit dug up from the grave of a freshly decomposing corpse and thrown into the ruins of a burned down church. The kind of shit that Old Chapel perfectly embodies with their newest album.

I know I kind of set the standard pretty fucking high with those last two sentences, but stay with me and you’ll see they’re no exaggeration. Imagine if you took the mentality of 70s rock in terms of tempo and then mold it together with the uncompromisingly malicious prowess of all things death metal in the 80s and 90s, and you got the basis for Old Chapel’s “Visions from Beyond”. Nine tracks come together with this record to demonstrate that the old school that is that burnt up church with walls strewn with corpses is not fully forgotten, and Old Chapel are more than capable of showing that they are a band who haven’t forgotten. Each and every single song is filled with an unbridled fury, unrelenting bloodthirsty onslaught, and a rage that not even the more heated, fiery depths of Satan’s cesspool of brimstone could compare to. “Visions from Beyond” takes things back a notch with speed (note my earlier mention of 70s rock tempo) and really prolongs your torture and keeps grinding along. However, Old Chapel isn’t afraid to pick up the pace just enough to make you feel like things are actually moving along and the album isn’t monotone a good chunk of the way. That gives “Visions from Beyond” a very concrete versatility that many bands just skip over thinking they can survive on one sound alone, and while Old Chapel fully embrace the old school here they’re not afraid to change the formula ever so slightly to fit their needs. And if that doesn’t grab your attention as a death metal fan, then I don’t know what fucking will.

In a world where people tend to throw around the phrase of “old school” when it comes to defining their death metal, it’s nice to see a band that actually uses the term to its fullest potential, and if you haven’t been able to tell yet . . . Old Chapel is the latest band to do such. “Visions from Beyond” is nothing to scoff at and should you want a heavy, rotting slab of death metal to add to your diet, and you do.

LISTEN to “Visions from Beyond” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Old Chapel on Facebook here.


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