Daedric Tales – Cult of Ashes

a1902186401_10 I’m as much a fan of tales of fantasy and wizards and dragons and things as much as the next guy. It’s gotta be presented pretty well, though, it can’t just be all mashed together without and then tada! a thing. You need passion and imagination to make it all work and flow together properly. The same exact thing goes with music. That much is something that Daedric Tales seems to acknowledge very much so, and this brand new EP is proof of that.

The two genres of metal that are perfect for fantasy storytelling are on beautiful display with “Cult of Ashes”: symphonic and power metal. Both have always been a fantastic catalyst for the fantasy genre and to bring many metalhead nerds joy in the past, and Daedric Tales is yet one more band for us nerds to corral towards. This Austrian band takes clear influence from the Elder Scrolls games to weave their own special blend of metal, and those of us who’ve poured several hours into those games know that the rich lore and thousands of stories from that universe can make excellent material for many things, and Daedric Tales do just that with this EP. Busting in with five tracks, “Cult of Ashes” is a brilliant use of the power and symphonic metal genres to create an experience that I would by no means call super amazing or anything like that, but definitely memorable. With the beautiful voice of a woman leading the charge, Daedric Tales conjure up memorable symphonies and weave us some lore that is but the first part of a dual album tale. “Cult of Ashes” serves as the introduction to “a tale of three mortals achieving godhood and falling from the stars”, and if this EP is how those mortals achieved godhood then this record captured it with absolute perfection without a doubt. Daedric Tales not only do a fabulous job with the storytelling but also the musicianship of “Cult of Ashes” to make it a fairly diverse and versatile record by the end of its roughly 20-minute runtime.

I’m typically not interested in a mix of power and symphonic metal simply because there are thousands of thousands of bands like that out there that all sound the same, but Daedric Tales just have that extra pizzazz to the table that many lack. Should you want to be woven a tale that you are not soon going to forget, then please follow my lead and listen to “Cult of Ashes” and patiently wait for its follow up as I shall upon its release in February.

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