Vanha – Within the Mist of Sorrow

14311245_1042099709201501_2486857903033980650_o Little do you care, but I currently have a very nasty of a head cold whilst typing this bullshit, and when I sat down to find something to listen to I wanted some specific. I wanted something that really brought to life all this shit I’ve been feeling the last few days with this sickness, and I wanted it wrapped in a heavy as fuck demonstration peppered with some atmosphere for good measure. As luck would have it, Vanha is precisely what I set out for.

I know that comparing the sound of a band to the feeling of being dreadfully sick isn’t exactly the best comparison, but just stay with me now! “Within the Mist of Sorrow” is the debut album from this Swedish band and right there they’ve got a lot to prove by trying to show that they can make a good sound that can keep you hooked time and again without having to rely on any previous material (because there isn’t any to be had!). What Vanha lay down here, though, is nothing short of very well done doom metal that truly captures the imagination. Only one track of “Within the Mist of Sorrow” drops below six minutes to make this seven track album an over forty minute excursion that honestly makes for an impactful debut as any. Vanha has the capacity to not only throw down with a super heavy sound that doesn’t relent that go right alongside more light fare instruments and with both growls and cleans vocals to boot, which makes this album an extremely versatile one at that. By the end of the final track (that is also instrumental), you’re simply left wanting more of that brilliant heaviness and beautifully presented sense of atmosphere that “Within the Mist of Sorrow” nailed ever so perfectly, and that’s more than what many debuts can say without having their fair share of problems, but I honestly cannot find a single one with this record.

Sweden is known for its absolutely legendary metal bands that hail from its shores and forests, and I feel it’s safe to say that Vanha is well on their way to being ascended to such an awesome level should they just improve their style and create something that’s truly amazing. “Within the Mist of Sorrow” is a hell of an album that shows the makings of an absolutely top notch band, but it just misses the bullseye in the end.

“Within the Mist of Sorrow” releases on December 28th!

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