Eneferens – In the Hours Beneath

a1171703900_10 Should you be any sort of person who frequents the black metal corners of Bandcamp even remotely often then there’s something you should know that happens pretty often: one-man atmospheric black metal bands. Tons of them. Soar, Feign, Chiral, W; the list literally goes on and on. But are all of them worth listening to? I believe so, and it’s those truly special artists like Eneferens that keep me crawling back for more every time.

Now, my thing with one-man bands is how they can really just do whatever the fuck one guy pleases and just go with it. It’s the creative freedom that it allows and then seeing what one single person can create that intrigues me. If it’s bands like Soar that have taken the atmospheric black metal style to previously unfathomable heights, it is Eneferens who are bringing to style to refreshing new horizons. Even though the man behind Eneferens has only been busting out albums since literally last August, he’s already managed to put out two pretty fucking popular releases, “In the Hours Beneath” being the second, of course. And while the first record was very tasteful and took a lot of steps in the right direction, it’s this sophomore effort that shows the brilliance of this man out of Montana. Packed with six tracks that stretch out for about 45 minutes in total, “In the Hours Beneath” embody a lot of what’s excellence about the various black metal sub-genres compiled into one, beautiful piece. Even going so far to throw in some cleans vocals just to shake up the formula, Eneferens left no stone unturned with this album as he covers brilliant atmosphere, sexy as fuck rhythms, a sense of emotion that cuts ever so deep, and a musical prowess that is simply awesome in simple terms. All of “In the Hours Beneath” is an utterly captivating time that will take you to many corners of music itself, and will show that not only does the man of Eneferens knows exactly what he’s fucking doing, but is extremely passionate about his music as well, and that’s a gift that just keeps on giving.

I’m just gonna keep coming back to Saor with this because if you ask me, Eneferens stands right up there with that Scottish man in terms of genius, taste, and popularity on Bandcamp because when they release records they literally top the overall fucking charts, and just like Soar, I can only see greatness in the future with Eneferens. “In the Hours Beneath” is a record that you absolutely cannot pass up if you want an elite atmospheric black metal experience to round out the year to, and I can just about promise you won’t be disappointed with this excellent piece of work.

LISTEN to “In the Hours Beneath” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Eneferens on Facebook here.


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