The Replicate – A Selfish Dream

thereplicate-artwork You know . . . I’m a fan of death metal as much as the next guy, but I’m beginning to detect a trend: the fact that many bands don’t put a lot of passion into their death metal anymore. I don’t mean actually scream about murder, corpses, or whatever simply because I highly advise against that, but the kind of passion where you can feel the band’s members’ love for the style. Don’t get a lot of that anymore. Luckily, we’ve bands like The Replicate to show that the genre still has plenty of bands filled with passion for keeping the brutal torch going.

Now, I find it to be the first pieces that a band puts out to be the group’s most intriguing simply because the band is just playing music and doing what they want, and while their style may be a little unrefined due to possible inexperience, it’s still fascinating to me to see a band starting out with their first record. The Replicate is no exception. As the brainchild of Sandesh Nagaraj (once hailed from Myndsnare (legendary Indian death metal band from the late ’90s)), The Replicate is to kick off the very start of 2017 with the release of their debut of “A Selfish Dream”, and what a real whopper it is! While it’s not the most technical or brutal technical death piece I’ve heard before, The Replicate make it work fantastically. Using different vocalists for three out of the four featured on “A Selfish Dream” (the fourth is instrumental), each track has its own texture and sensations that you can only truly find with death metal, but you can feel the enjoyment that the musicians are having while playing this uncompromising EP. This band wastes no time either, as “A Selfish Dream” in total doesn’t even clock over 11 minutes by the time this bloody chaos is done with you. And to add even more brilliance to the mix, The Replicate even manage to work in just a tad of atmosphere to their already ridiculous mix, albeit pretty minimal and used a handful of times which is just enough for maximum effect.

As if the Indian metal scene didn’t already show enough magnificence with several bands over the past year alone, the next will immediately start off at a great point with The Replicate making the debut a landmark of an album. “A Selfish Dream” is a dream come true for a man, and as a fan of death metal who’s always looking for the next special little treat from the genre, I can happily say this EP is also a dream come true for those of us looking for something special that is refreshing yet familiar at the same time.

“A Selfish Dream” releases on January 1st, 2017!

LISTEN to the first track on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE The Replicate on Facebook here.


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