Feller Buncher – 203040

a3659271065_10 Oh, France. Typically known as the land of love, many people forget that it’s rock and metal scene are pretty solid, as well. And while the latter I feel is more explored and known thanks to bands like Gojira, today we’re gonna focus on the former. When’s the last time you’ve of a decent French rock band that actually has some talent? For me, not very recently, so I’m very lucky to have come across Feller Buncher when I did.

In a world where there’s a band putting out an album every single day be it from the biggest rock legends to your neighbor’s kid’s first punk EP, I find it nice to see a band actually try to sound good without it making it seem difficult, as if being good musicians are in their very genes. That’s kind of the impression I got with Feller Buncher’s very first album, “203040”. Although, as a quick stipulation just let me say that this is by no means whatsoever a fantastic album in my eyes, mainly because this is, as I mentioned, the first piece done by Feller Buncher so there’s the understandable hitch where some rhythms just don’t flow well or the overall sound doesn’t mix quite right. However, that in no way diminishes the entertainment that “203040” brings to the table even though it brought nothing new to said table in terms of style or innovation. There’s so much talent that Feller Buncher demonstrates in the five songs of this album that unless you’re intentionally listening for it, you’ll miss it, but once you noticed it you can’t not hear it. “203040” is one of those albums that you wanna check out should you want to know of a band that’s on the cusp of something truly ridiculous, but just miss the mark due to lack of experience when it comes to creating records.

The French scene is something that I’ll always come crawling back to every now and then, and Feller Buncher is one of many brilliant reasons as to why. “203040” isn’t a great album, but it’s far from terrible and I firmly believe that give the band a year or two or more, and they’ll come back to pack a real punch.

LISTEN to “203040” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Feller Buncher on Facebook here.


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