Drone Hunter – Welcome to the Hole

a0643193966_10 I’ve always been into any and all kinds of instrumental music simply because you can really just kick back and go with that kind of shit. Be it some classical symphonies or some psychedelic shit laid down by My Sleeping Karma, there’s always some nice instrumentals to be had out there. I, personally, haven’t heard anything worth while in recent months, but here come the welcome gentlemen from Drone Hunter to end that drought.

If you’re gonna try to actually be an instrumental group and therefore not rely on vocals to carry your music you better make damn sure you understand one thing before anything else: you gotta be catchy and/or interesting as fuck. Otherwise, more times than not, people will lose interest and just get plain bored of it. In the case of Drone Hunter’s newest piece of “Welcome to the Hole”, however, the band has understood that rule and jam packed this record with awesome riffs. Eight tracks make up this second effort from these Croatian gentlemen, and it is nothing short of a great hell of a time should you just want some crunchy riffs to have in the background or just kick back to. And it’s not like every single or every other track sounds the same either. Drone Hunter have also gained the talent to great diverse tracks while still having a solid hard rock core that they always remain true to, and you can feel throughout the entire record. Even though this isn’t by any means the greatest instrumental piece I’ve had the pleasure of hearing, “Welcome to the Hole” easily holds its own ground by the second track alone, and only tells of the talent that I feel Drone Hunter have yet to truly tap into.

It’s a belief of mine that just because instrumental music deals with one less element and a key factor that a typical band of today would have, it doesn’t make the music making process any bit easier, but it’s bands like Drone Hunter that make it as awesome as it can be. “Welcome to the Hole” is an excellent example of how its done, and you can bet your ass that given enough time, Drone Hunter will return more powerful than ever before.

LISTEN to “Welcome to the Hole” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Drone Hunter on Facebook here.


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