Demogorgon – Dilemma. Revenge. Snow.

a2187795824_10 China is just one of those countries with a metal scene that I personally like to frequent every now and then. There’s just so much interesting shit going on with Chinese metal bands that it’s hard to turn away for me. With bands like Black Kirin and Zuriaake blowing my fucking mind with a special blend of extreme metal and traditional Chinese instruments, what’s not to love? Recently, members of Zuriaake came together to form Demogorgon which prompted investigation for me. And goddamn is it something to behold!

Now, Demogorgon isn’t just made up of Zuriaake members, but also people from Holyarrow and Destruction of Redemption to make this new band an elite cut of what the Chinese metal scene has to offer. With their debut EP of “Dilemma. Revenge. Snow.”, though, things take a bit of a turn. This two-track offering is composed of both black metal and something called dungeon synth. What’s the latter? The best explanation is to just listen to this record and see how epic it is combined with the black metal that this band can throw down quite easily. Each song is over ten minutes long and is absolutely filled to the very brim with both epic stories telling through instruments, particularly in the second song of “Sadness Moon”, and extremely well done black metal that’s jock full of riffs and soaring melodies to make the 14-minute opener absolutely stunning. What truly gets me with “Dilemma. Revenge. Snow.” has to be how it perfectly embodies so much of traditional Chinese style and utilizes so much of the culture that anyone who’s even mildly interested in said culture won’t be able to turn away, and should you just be wanting to hear some sick black metal then you’ve also come to the right with this EP. “Dilemma. Revenge. Snow.” is simply a phenomenal fucking time the caliber of which no true veteran of the underground should pass up given the chance.

If there were ever to be a single album that demonstrates how truly talented and diverse the Chinese metal scene is, making it definitive proof that we should all explore the band’s the country has produced, and Demogorgon is clearly up there near the very top. “Dilemma. Revenge. Snow.” is as good an EP like this gets and is an amazing underground experience the likes of which you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the entire world. Period.

LISTEN to “Dilemma. Revenge. Snow.” on Bandcamp here.


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