Hollow World – Defiling Paradise (single)

a2429769574_10 It’s neat to me when I go on the search for nothing, in particular, looking for anything that sounds good to me ears, and then out of nowhere, you get something that really catches your attention. But what about how that something then constantly shifts and transforms to keep you guessing as to what’s coming next? Not many bands can achieve that anymore, but Hollow World prove to have the capacity to be such a group with their latest single.

Now, looking at the cover art for the full album, which is also named “Defiling Paradise” from what I can gather, I get two distinct feelings about the record when it comes down to guessing its style: death or black metal, almost definitely. However, what we actually get is a pretty heavy fucking slab of some melodic death that kind of dips into the area of deathcore just a tad, but enough with this classifying bullshit. In short, the song fucking shreds, without question. Hollow World really takes things to the extreme with this one song and pull no punches in terms of their use of melody to their advantage or simply lighting the world itself on fire just for the hell of it. “Defiling Paradise” has this fantastic sound that if you’re just looking for something loud but with just enough construct and form to it, then you better start with Hollow World and I can just about guarantee that you’ll be hard pressed to find anything of this caliber in the underground. Go figure, this band is from Australia, as well, ergo the Land of Seemingly Endless Musical Prowess (L.S.E.M.P.) in my experience. And Hollow World really help keep their country’s title aloft with this one song, if you ask me.

If I’ve anything to say in terms of speculation for whatever Hollow World will bust out in the future, it’s that I’m sure it’ll be very much like this little piece: fierce, unrelenting, and a damn good time for those of us going in for the heaviness and wanting to leave nothing short of satisfied. “Defiling Paradise” showed these Aussies aren’t to be trifled with and that of all the super heavy bands to come out of the nation, this clearly one of top tier groups.

LISTEN to “Defiling Paradise” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

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FOLLOW Hollow World on Twitter : @HollowWorldBand

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