Deathblow – Demolition Deployment

a2199145071_10 It was at about this time two years ago that I stumbled across Biotoxic Warfare who was the last band that molded together death and thrash metal in such a way that truly left an impact on me. Ever since, I’ve been searching for another album of similar caliber and of the same vein, but to no avail. Until recently, that is. Allow me to introduce Deathblow who I’m calling the American solution to our country’s drought of quality death/thrash.

I’m as much of a quantity person as much as the next guy, but nothing can put a definitive price on supreme quality metal, and Deathblow seems to understand that with their latest album of “Demolition Deployment”. The EP has but three tracks to call its own and not even a total run time of 15 minutes, but to call the piece anything short of shockingly tasty would be borderline criminal if you ask me. Deathblow take what’s all great about the death/thrash style (I feel you can figure that out on your own) and doesn’t quite take things to the absolute maximum in terms of speed and intensity, but at just the right level to keep things interesting for anyone who went in there specifically for the style itself. The record does not let down, either. “Demolition Deployment” is a quick, relentless, and unforgiving EP that constantly keeps things moving, not staying still for even a moment, as if to pound your brains into dust with each track while at the same time jump starting your heart to keep you going until the bitter end. My favorite part has to be the subtle hooks and riffs spread throughout the tracks as if to keep you enthralled even longer, but it works way too goddamn well and I’ll be honest that I couldn’t stop pressing replay once it ended for me.

“Demolition Deployment” is simply a gem amongst a sub-genre that, much like the vast majority of other metal styles, is riddled with so much potential that doesn’t hold its own, which makes the discovery of pieces like this one all the more satisfying. Deathblow clearly know what the fuck they’re doing, and it shows in these three tracks, and I can say as a closer is that I want more, goddamnit!

LISTEN to “Demolition Deployment” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Deathblow on Facebook here.


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