Heather Wasteland – Under the Red Wolfish Moon

a0661439327_10 I tend to not be picky when it comes to music because I can like so much that’s out there, but of all the styles I’ve ever heard, I’d have to say that I’m the pickiest when it comes to folk metal. Don’t know what it is, just how I am. I love the idea and the aesthetic of the genre, but so many don’t do it for me. And as if to end my long drought of folk metal, here comes Heather Wasteland like a monsoon in the desert.

It’s not exactly your day-to-day folk metal that we’re presented with Heather Wasteland’s EP of “Under the Red Wolfish Moon”. What the hell does that entail? Nothing massive, in case you were expected some monumental bullshit, but still something I find to be very noteworthy. The band lacks a vocalist, making them instrumental if you can’t figure that out yourself. I think that’s very interesting because what the finally result ending up being is not some grand epic soundtrack to whatever our minds conjure up, but something that’d be more akin to tavern music, and I’m completely okay with that especially since it’d fit so well! Another thing with “Under the Red Wolfish Moon” is the fact that there’s not one bass, not two, but three separate bass players playing their own individual set of strings. Just a tad of a bass overload for my personal taste, but Heather Wasteland make it work really well here. Where a voice may have come in handy, these Greeks quickly make up for it with excellent grooves and the addition of a flute-like instrument that brings tons of life to this 5-track EP the likes of which that I easily recommend to anyone who has always wanted to be in a tavern setting of yore, but yet lives in today’s world where settings like that are (obviously) lacking.

Definitely a fairly unconventional album for folk metal, Heather Wasteland shows that they can absolutely make the idea of an instrumental album of its kind exist. “Under the Red Wolfish Moon” is a testament as to how the style can be changed around and shifted in ways that not many groups, metal or not, can replicate anymore, and that makes this EP all the more delicious for those of us who just eat this kind of stuff up.

LISTEN to “Under the Red Wolfish Moon” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Heather Wasteland on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Heather Wasteland on Twitter : @heatherwastela1


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