Spirit of the Forest – A Void Into the Fields of Silence / La Nature Oubliée

a2939528238_10 Depending on who you ask, it’s easy to say that they just don’t make black metal like they used to, right? Well, fuck you! If you think like that then you’ve clearly never paid attention to the Canadian black metal scene in recent years. Taking the classic BM sound and improving upon in it so many ways, there are throngs of bands that do a phenomenal job at keeping the original flame alight. Enter Spirit of the Forest who’s a prime example of such an exceptional band.

If you were to be skimming through the depths of Bandcamp (I totally wasn’t doing that not two hours ago…) underneath the black metal category and you happened to see that cover art, I feel most people who investigate to see what the record had in store. As it happens, “A Void Into the Fields of Silence / La Nature Oubliée” is a piece that really jumps between the line of black metal with a tad of melody for some substance to epic/pagan BM that really tantalizes the imagination and pulls the listener in even more. Spirit of the Forest really takes plenty of twists and turns along their path of what I can only call very, very nice black metal the likes of which we don’t typically see anymore. The riffs are so fucking spectacular that I’d imagine bands like Dark Funeral pulling them off before these Canadians, the vocals are spot on in every single way, and the use of additional instruments such as keyboards really add extra layers that just . . . so fucking good. “A Void Into the Fields of Silence” captures so much that is good about black metal and a little of it’s various sub-genres to add just enough spice to make each track different, every tasty tastier than the last, and the enjoyment levels high throughout this piece that I cannot help but recommend.

There are many, many bands out there that take the original black metal sound that most of us have all come to know and several of them have done a simple copy and paste, but one thing is definitely for sure: Spirit of the Forest doesn’t go the easy route and instead makes things grand and excellent in their own way, and it resulted in something fan-fucking-tastic. “A Void Into the Fields of Silence” is something that you must not pass up if you want an entertaining piece from the underground, and yet one more band to keep a close eye on at all times.

LISTEN to “A Void Into the Fields of Silence / La Nature Oubliée” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Spirit of the Forest on Facebook here.


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