Kanoi – Mountains of the Sun

a0995027633_10 The world of psychedelic rock has always been a long favorite refuge of mine to get lost in should I just want something to kick back to or want to drift amongst the cosmos for however long. And while it has so much potential to be had out of such a genre that could do just about anything a band could imagine, it still needs an exceptional band to pull off. In the case of Kanoi, however, it only requires one man, and the end result is nothing short of top notch.

Looking at that colorful cover art alone, I’m pretty sure most anyone can instantly tell that this rock piece wasn’t going to be anything your neighbor’s kid would perform in his garage – no. “Mountains of the Sun” is a very satisfying piece of psychedelic rock that continues to treat the listener time and again with many elements that initally drew me into the style to begin with, but Kanoi manages to put them all into a neat set of six tracks. It’s also nice to see Kanoi pushing the run times of his songs as the longest stretches well over 13 minutes, and with not a whole lot of vocals (done fantastically well, by the way) most of “Mountains of the Sun” is left to the instruments that, in short, do an excellent fucking job keeping the album afloat. A neat thing to note as well, the record was not mastered at all so that gives it a little bit of an untouched texture that not many know what it sounds like if they’ve never experienced it before. But as for the overall sound of “Mountains of the Sun”, it fucking rocks! Kanoi manages to encapsulate so many other sub-genres of rock other than that of the psychedelic vein with this album to create something that’s stunning in it’s smallest moments and eternally captivating. And if I had to sum up the record in one sentence, it’d be thus: an ever intriguing piece that fans of groovy style of the 70s and psychedelia for days, Kanoi does nothing but impress.

To be a one man band is a challenge itself for obvious reasons, but then attempting to do so while also managing to bust out a record every months for three consecutive months? Unfathomable for us peasants, yet here’s Kanoi proving that it can be done. And while I’ve never heard any of the man’s work outside of this one, I feel it’s safe to say that the man has yet to run into a creative slump. “Mountains of the Sun” is a piece I’ll definitely come crawling back to time and again, and if you’re any sort of fan of kick back rock or psychedelia, you’re gonna want to be sure to do the very same.

LISTEN to “Mountains of the Sun” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Kanoi on Facebook here.


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