Set Before Us – Enigmas

enigmas-official-logo I’m the kind of person that needs a break every now and then. By break in this instance I mean I want the occasional breather from what I typically listen to, but nothing drastically different. When that urge strikes me I tend to turn towards metalcore (I can hear the rage now) because it’s just different enough and I don’t explore it very often. On my latest excursion, I’ve found Set Before Us, and should you be wanted to find some decent -core to bring into your life, let me tell you about “Enigmas”.

Let me just start off by saying that Set Before Us doesn’t utilize any sort of traditional clean vocals with this EP. By “traditional” I mean what Adam D. is for Killswitch Engage? Okay? Cool, moving on! The five tracks that we’re presented with this record are by no means the best of metalcore that I’ve heard in my years with several reasons behind such a statement, but at the same time “Enigmas” is quite the entertaining piece to anyone who gives it a chance. The intense vocals truly represent a good sense of rage and hostility that permeates throughout the entirety of the record, and while that may be a stereotypical staple of metalcore, Set Before Us manages to make it work one hundred percent when mixed with the rest of the band that simply does a bang up job just about the whole goddamn time. Sometimes, though, the flow that Set Before Us lays down can become clunky out of nowhere, really messing with the overall feel that we were previously experiencing. In no way that does dampen the experience of “Enigmas” as it’s one flaw amongst this pretty well thought out EP from a relatively young band.

This was exactly the kind of break I was looking for amidst all my normal death, black, etc. metal that I listen to on a daily basis. Set Before Us has plenty of talent to be tapped, and we can catch a glimpse of it from this EP. “Enigmas” isn’t super fantastic, but it’s easily a solid record that definitely warrants an investigation should you be into metalcore even a little bit.

LISTEN to “Enigmas” on YouTube here.

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