Iron Reagan – A Dying World (single)

a4220296655_10 I’ve honestly never bee able to truly get into much about the greater part of the punk music scene despite multiple efforts, but no matter what Iron Reagan never ceased to entertain. A classic definition of what it means to be a textbook crossover punk/metal band in the best ways possible, they’ve never let down once. And with their brand new single of “A Dying World”, it’s clear that’s a trend that’s not to end anytime soon.

One of the big elements of punk is how quick and short lived the songs are, and Iron Reagan is no stranger to that, and they only continue to demonstrate their mastery over such style with “A Dying World”. Well . . . somewhat. I say that because while they’ve been known to do tracks well below a minute like many others, they’re also familiar with doing the occasional “longer” song every so often. In this case, over two minutes, and while hardly anything relatively, Iron Reagan makes it work like they always do. “A Dying World” brings everything classic that Iron Reagan has brought before from the raging vocals to the quick paced everything that starts off pretty basic but then explodes into full speed not soon after, making for a hook like none other. Yet somehow there’s a subtle layer of refinement and additional quality in the actual production of the music, adding yet another layer of enjoyment to be had out of “A Dying World” albeit a tiny sliver.

Either way, Iron Reagan have done it once again I feel it’s safe to say, and I firmly believe my words won’t be rendered meaningless when the full release of the record, “Crossover Ministry”, comes along. I’ve absolute utter confidence that Iron Reagan won’t disappoint at all, but all we can do . . . is wait.

“Crossover Ministry” releases on February 3rd!

PRE-ORDER “Crossover Ministry” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “A Dying World” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

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FOLLOW Iron Reagan on Twitter : @Iron_Reagan


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