L’Homme Absurde – Monsters

a1928919695_10 It goes without saying that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of black metal bands in the world that take the atmospheric route with their music, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, after hearing many, many efforts and wanting the atmosphere to lay off just a tad, we always have post black metal to turn to in its dissonant glory, but there aren’t many bands who can fit such large shoes. Yet it’s L’Homme Absurde who’ve recently risen to fill them, and goddamn do they deliver.

Personally, I listen to atmospheric pieces because I love to get lost in the immersion and worlds that the band in question can somehow create, but then there are times when I want more actual music and less echoing between the same two or three strings on the guitar. That’s where bands like L’Homme Absurde play their magnificent part with albums like “Monsters” which is nothing short of post-black metal done exactly as it should be done. The eight pieces that we’re given with this record are by every means well done black metal to the point where even if they took out the “post” portion of the mix, it’d still be a killer of a record. But the actual parts where the post does kick in aren’t as weighted with dissonance or anything of a higher caliber that one might expect, but instead carefully divided into well woven together proportions that in the final product really do compliment each other throughout the entirety of “Monsters”. L’Homme Absurde doesn’t skimp out and try to cram so much into songs that are only five minutes at the most. No, they go the other route and make it so that the shortest track that can be found on this record is a little under five minutes, but the longest clocking in just about eight minutes in total giving you, the fortunate listener, plenty of material to sift through. And very well done material at that.

It’s seemingly becoming more and more prevalent that black metal bands who opt to have atmospheric elements choose to have either too much atmosphere and little actual metal in comparison or vice versa. That’s clearly not the case with L’Homme Absurde as they found what can only be described as a damn near perfect balance between the two elements that their style revolves around. And although I’ve seen more dynamic and mind-blowing cases of the ol’ post-black in my days “Monsters” absolutely stands out amongst many others.

LISTEN to “Monsters” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE L’Homme Absurde on Facebook here.


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