Enemy of Reality – Arakhne

cd-cover There are many styles of metal that can easily be labeled as epic such as some might consider death metal to be epic and others claim that folk is more worthy of such a description. But I’m more… selective with such a word, and there’s truly only one style of metal that I believe suits the word more than any other: symphonic metal. And while there’s many bands to choose from, Enemy of Reality alone prove that statement to be true.

It has to be the simple fact that symphonic metal combines the intensity of metal alongside the intricate flows and rhythms that somehow work almost every single time, and it doesn’t once falter with “Arakhne”. The eleven songs that Enemy of Reality present to us here with this album are by no means the best of their kind that I’ve heard it my days, but that in no way takes away from the reality of how fucking awesome the record is regardless. Imagine if you were to take everything elegant about a beautiful symphony and then make it the soundtrack of something significantly more brutal (I’ll let your imagination wonder on that one), and it just makes for an ever so delicious experience. However, the only thing I’ve got the even remotely mope about with “Arakhne” is how the multiple sets of vocals, while great in their own rights, don’t work all that well together much less with the surrounding music which makes for a sometimes clunky sound that at times can really conflict. But the over excellence of the greater picture supersedes all other inferiorities that come out of Enemy of Reality all of which are very forgivable and understandable if you ask me.

Sometimes a second release can spell the end for a group, but Enemy of Reality does not let that happen here even though this brand new piece is nowhere near perfection. “Arakhne” is an extremely respectable record that even if you just listen to it once the sheer badassery and overall enjoyment that is to be had out of it will surely infect your mind.

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