Outta Peak – Loveproof

nexakxs I find it very important for an individual to shake things up every now and then in terms of what music they’re experiencing at the time. Personally, I tend to enjoy a little bit of soulful hip hop or catchy rock to serve as a nice contrast to all the blistering metal, but today presents a bit of new territory for me. Never really been one for anything that can remotely be called pop punk, but Outta Peak may just change that.

Before I get anywhere, let me just say that in no way did Outta Peak blow me out of my seat with their latest piece of “Loveproof”. To be precise, it caught my interest more than anything. It was mainly the attitude and passion that can really be heard behind all the music from “Loveproof”, and even though many other bands with a similar style tend to be labeled as cry babies or pansies (lovely place the internet is) and dismiss the music as bullshit, Outta Peak really went above and beyond with this record. While there are a few interludes within the track listing, the whole of the sixteen songs found in “Loveproof” are undoubtedly upbeat and performed in such a way that unless you’re actively against anything that sounds like Outta Peak you’re going to have a hard time disagreeing with what you hear. And if you’re not feeling the fluid poppy rock feel that the band likes to lay down, perhaps the occasional spike that reaches into hard rock/metal territory will get you going, albeit they last no long than fifteen seconds at best. That aside, “Loveproof” is still a solid record that deserves to be treated as such, and I’m telling you that as someone who tends to stay away from this stuff on a normal basis.

Keeping your horizons unfiltered and optimistic is a key element if you truly want to get the most enjoyment out of music you may or may not come across, and fortunately for me, it turned out in my favor this time with Outta Peak. “Loveproof” isn’t anywhere near phenomenal in my eyes nor is it something I can continuously find myself coming back to in the future, I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t enjoy my time listening to the record.

LISTEN to “Loveproof” on SoundCloud here.

LIKE Outta Peak on Facebook here.


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