Infinite Earths – Into the Void

giant_skull_pr_edit It is unfortunate for me to say that in way too many instances when a band decides to label themselves as a “progressive metal” band they’re simply covering the fact that they’re deathcore or metalcore. Happens a lot more often than I think it should, but thankfully this is not one of those instances. While remaining both modern and progressive throughout the whole piece, Infinite Earths doesn’t disappoint with their upcoming EP.

I may have led you astray and insinuated that Infinite Earths is not a “-core” band, but they really aren’t. While they do employ the use of clean vocals along with growls throughout their work, everything else surrounding that is purely progressive death metal, so any elitists with sticks up their asses can chill. Moving on! “Into the Void” is nothing short of progressive as the band utilizes various techniques throughout the record that really does help keep the flow, the pacing, the sound – everything! – fresh without staying in the same place for long. Many bands make the mistake of staying in one spot over a way too long of a period of time which then, in turn, makes the music feel stale and boring. Never good, but Infinite Earths doesn’t succumb to such a trap with “Into the Void” even once. Then there’s the fact that the five-act piece that this EP is happens to be a concept album. What is said concept? Fuck if I know, but what I do know is that it fucking works all the way from the humble beginning all the way to the fading note of the nine-minute finale. It’s also so very difficult for me to try and compile “Into the Void” into words (I don’t even know how I managed to get to this point!), so in simple words  . . . this record is a mind trip that if you wanted your progressive death to come in a very weird package, Infinite Earths has got your fucking number.

Smashing together a little of a lot, Infinite Earths achieved a lot with this album. A transcending piece that really delves deep from the imagination of minds that are too complex for us to encompass, “Into the Void” is absolutely nothing to scoff at by any means necessary.

“Into the Void” releases on December 2nd!

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