Shroud Eater / Dead Hand – Split

a1767805079_10 I’m always down to a good ol’ split, I don’t know about you. However, there’s one golden rule I feel they must all follow to be a successful one: the two bands and their individual styles must compliment each other. Otherwise, it’s all outta fucking whack! Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about that in this case with Shroud Eater and Dead Hand who know exactly how to make a fantastic split.

There’s also something that I’m a fan of which is not wasting any sort of time and keeping everything plain and simple in terms of presentation. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when a band can succeed to go above and beyond, but there’s just something so satisfying when a band doesn’t fuck around by being all fancy and is just straight forward. That’s what we get on this two-track split between the sludge metal acts of Shroud Eater and Dead Hand. Both manage to bring a tantalizing sensation to the genre with their own subtleties that bring a new terrain when one song flips to the next. Dead Hand starts off the scene by laying down some delicious heaviness sprinkled with psychedelic progression and elements of doom that really keeps their music going which then serves as a brilliant flowing point into Shroud Eater who takes a bit more robust approach to sludge that I can’t help but approve of. Two songs aren’t a whole fuck of a lot to go off of by any means anywhere, but these two bands make it work to the fullest in such a way that only a split could accomplish, and goddamn am I happy I was able to take part in it.

If you’ve wanted an experience that starts off pretty smooth but then slowly gets more and more gritty as the record goes on, these gentlemen from the southern regions of America have got a prime piece for you to investigate. Both of Dead Hand and Shroud Eater demonstrate their prowess of sludge metal with this split, and I feel many other fans of the style will agree with me on that even if it’s just a tad.

LISTEN to the split on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Shroud Eater on Facebook here.

LIKE Dead Hand on Facebook here.


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