Sordide – Fuir la Lumière

a3880926985_10 The lovely land that is France is typically known for its reputation for  being associated with love and all that good stuff, but we all know everything has a dark side. France is no exception with having top notch metal bands (other than Gojira) to come out that are not to be scoffed at, particularly in the black metal sect. The latest one to come to my attention is Sordide, and goddamn do they not disappoint!

When your country’s scene of metal is so relatively small, you gotta know how to represent. Whether it be prog metal that gets idolized by Gojira or black metal from Satan knows where you can’t hold back when it comes down to it. Black metal hasn’t been known for pulling punches when done right, and Sordide clearly understands such a concept of ongoing intensity as it’s brilliantly displayed with “Fuir la Lumière”. The bullshit stereotype is to presume that sophomore records typically aren’t as good as its predecessor (the dreaded “sophomore slump”), but I’ve found that to be completely untrue and “Fuir la Lumière” only further fuels my desire for the stereotype to be put to rest. This album consists of 49 minutes of unrelenting black metal that cannot be ignored whether you’re just getting into the sound or have been a veteran, for it is just simply irresistible. Seven kickass tracks come together to create a menacing experience the likes of which can be found in many other bands across the world, of course, but Sordide manages to squeeze in their own subtleties here and there to make “Fuir la Lumière” more than a simple cookie cutter piece of black metal. The main thing that grabs the attention is how most of the tracks are well over five minutes long, so if you want plenty of material and/or variety in your listening pleasures you’re sure to find them with Sordide, I promise you. And with each and every track within “Fuir la Lumière” not dipping in quality for even a microsecond, I can just about promise you that these Frenchmen will not let you down in the slightest.

Up until tonight, Ende has been my primary focus when it comes down to French black metal, but I’ve now realized that there’s so much potential to be held within French’s underground scene more than I ever thought. Sordide has won over my undying attention with this record, and that’s not something any band can do easily, yet this one has done it almost instantaneously. “Fuir la Lumière” is a destructive album that’s giving France a good name for the black metal scene, and I can’t wait to see how else this group and prove once more that they’re not to be fucked with.

LISTEN to “Fuir la Lumière” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sordide on Facebook here.


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