Suffer Yourself – Ectoplasm

sy-ecto-album-art-1600 I’m an absolute sucker for anything that can pull off a half decent atmospheric effect, for I’m also big into anything that sounds even a little ethereal. Now, that makes it sound biased in that I automatically like anything atmospheric, but that’s a lie, I promise you, but today it certainly is nothing but the truth. Suffer Yourself’s upcoming album is a piece that as someone who loves the atmosphere, I can promise anyone who likes it as well will get plenty of enjoyment out of this piece.

There are two sub-genres of metal that make a real match made in all things fiery and brimestony: black and doom metal. The former of the two is by far way more populated with bands who want to take a dissonant approach to the style, but the latter of which is sometimes the most rewarding for those of us who actively seek it out. Suffer Yourself’s forthcoming record of “Ectoplasm” is a definitive example of how monumental atmospheric doom can really be. While the album stays on the heavier end of the spectrum, the five tracks it contains do not for an instant skimp on transporting you into a dark, desolate world where you can truly dwell on the bleakness of existence itself while at the same time crushing you with its eternally monstrous presence. And with three out of five songs stretching over 10 fucking minutes long, “Ectoplasm” gives the listener tons of material to throw around. Not one moment of the record is wasted, as well, which in the end makes it an immensely satisfying piece for all those of you who love your metal heavier than the center of the sun yet eerier than the deepest bowels of the Earth. If that pretty much fits what you’re looking for, then holy fuck does Suffer Yourself got a surprise for you!

I will stipulate and say that this isn’t the most awesome piece of atmospheric doom I’ve heard in my time, but goddamnit does it rank up high amongst all the others! “Ectoplasm” has got the power that the style demands and the band is simply oozing with the talent to back it up. And with an album of equal proportions already under their belt, Suffer Yourself proves that they by no means are pushovers and still have plenty of work to be done.

“Ectoplasm” releases on November 25th!

LISTEN to the title track on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Suffer Yourself on Facebook here.


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