The Great Old Ones – The Shadow Over Innsmouth (single)

a3803423324_10 In my free time, I like to scour the metal territories of Bandcamp. Not really look for new music, per say, but more of scanning what bands people seem to be digging the most. For instance, at the moment that Ned Flanders band and Anal Drumpf are fucking dominating. However, The Great Old Ones have remained a constant appearance for black metal on the site, and it’s not likely to change. And if we needed any proof of that, here’s a brand new song and album to go along with it.

The presence of old mate H.P. Lovecraft in normal society itself is something that can’t be denied, but it seems to run rampant in the world of metal. Bands like Swampcult and Necronomicon bathe in the rich lore and worlds that Lovecraft have created to many differing extents, but it’s easily The Great Old Ones that put their appreciation for the man in the most brutal format. While their efforts of late have been nothing short of magnificence, it has to be the single of “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” that takes my heart as my favorite. The track is an over nine-minute piece that simply does not disappoint at all. It’s both a consistent and aggressive onslaught that doesn’t let up even the slightest. That’s what The Great Old Ones have been known for previously alongside being a tad dissonant and atmospheric at times, but that’s not the case here as it’s just straight intensity that is ever so scrumptious. It’s got the shadow of chaos that always looms right above it, and this sense of malice that doesn’t dissipate even when it feels like it should, and that makes “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” truly something to behold, and gets me very excited about the full album.

This has always been one of those bands that haven’t quite impressed me before for whatever fucking reason, but I continue to check out because I know there’s something phenomenal in there. It just needed time to be brought to the light, and here it is in the form of “EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy”. If you’re going to want to kick off the beginning of a totally metal new year, you’re gonna want to keep The Great Old Ones in mind.

“EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy” releases on January 27th, 2017!

PRE-ORDER “EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Great Old Ones on Facebook here.

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