Primordial – Gods to the Godless

primordial_-_gods_to_the_godless In today’s world of all sorts of labeling a band’s sound and the infinite sub-genres of metal, it’s truly rampant. However, in my eyes, Primordial remain once of those bands that I can only call metal simply because it’s the one word that fits them like a goddamn glove. Sadly, I’ve never had the extreme pleasure of seeing them live, but “Gods to the Godless” has changed that, and boy oh boy does it deliver!

The albums that Primordial has managed to bust out during their illustrious career have been nothing short of staggering, so one could only imagine the energy that the band brings to the stage. And not just any stage. If you can’t read, “Gods to the Godless” was recorded at the Live At Bang Your Head Festival last year in Germany, which is a fairly large gathering of fellow metalheads if you weren’t aware, and the majority of us could only fathom the awesomeness that was Primordial’s time in the spotlight. Luckily, we can relive it over and over again as much as we’d like, and it gets tastier every single time. We’re treated to eleven premium songs from Primordial’s time that in this set can only be described as monstrous. Hearing the live recordings of epics like “Where Greater Men Have Fallen” and “As Rome Burns” to name only two. But it’s not just the music itself that makes “Gods to the Godless” such a delight to experience – no, it’s the roaring and cheers from the crowd alongside the banter that we hear from the bandmates. It’s shit like those that truly allow this album to come to life like a live album should, and Primordial clearly know how to deliver a wondrous performance.

One of the purposes of these types of albums are to bring an awesome experience to the home or the car or wherever because the vast majority of us can’t go to shows, so we gotta leech off pieces like “Gods of the Godless”, and I don’t think anyone can argue or disagree with doing so. With talents as tantalizing such as Primordial putting out fabulous live recordings, it’s hard to resist, and this one in particular is easily one of the most unforgivingly entertaining recordings I’ve ever heard.

“Gods to the Godless” releases on November 25th!

PRE-ORDER “Gods to the Godless” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the first track off “Gods to the Godless” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Primodial on Facebook here.


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