Sister – Stand Up, Forward, March!

sister_-_stand_up_forward_march I’m not usually one for anything that’s got plenty of punk influence simply because to me a lot of bands’ attempts just sound like angsty kids who just want to vent some pent up steam. Kinda like how a lot of people see the -core genres, but that’s a talk for another day. Yet every now and then, a band out there manages to merge punk with whatever they please to make something truly tasty. On this day, Sister is that band.

I keep associating Sister as being somewhat of a punk band because listening to their upcoming record of “Stand Up, Forward, March!” that’s the kind of vibe I get from it. And in no way am I saying that’s bad even though I’m not big into the punk style, and that’s due to the abundant fact that Sister fucking killed it with this record! The biggest attribute of that sentence has to be the choruses of the eleven tracks we are given with the album, and the band knows that with the drummer even saying “the choruses will blow you away,” and that’s exactly what happens. However, Sister also manages to incorporate various elements of rock and metal into the mixes that especially bleed in through the marvelous work of the instruments that in turn create a sound that’s both magnificently heavy and catchy at the same time. While many bands can do that, they usually fail massively to bring along the appropriate energy to really blow everything up ten thousand percent, but that’s nowhere near the case with “Stand Up, Forward, March!”. Then the fact that Sister keeps just enough diversity of sound in their tracks as it’s not the same exact thing eleven times over but nothing drastically different, it shows that Sister has a real understanding of the sound they were going for, and it ends in pure excellence in this scenario.

Some say the first albums the only good album, others claim third time’s the charm, and others like myself believe that any album can be great. Both the latter and the second prove to be true with this record, and it shows that Sister isn’t by any means a band to put out one decent record and then immediately face plant creatively, but quite the opposite. “Stand Up, Forward, March!” demonstrate how much of a fucking power house Sister is as a whole, and it’s very hard to deny that after hearing this ravenous piece.

“Stand Up, Forward, March!” releases on November 25th!

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