Diabulus in Musica – Dirge for the Archons

690_dim_rgb It’s difficult enough to make any sort of music, that much I feel is obvious to anyone who knows about the tedious process. There’re so many moving parts and intricacies that go on, and the world of metal is clearly no stranger to such a statement. So the idea of combining classical music with metal still confounds me to this day as I find it a staggering task just to think about it. Yet, many succeed and Diabulus in Musica is one of the more successful groups of symphonic metal, and their upcoming record makes it clear as to why.

When you get to be the most popular of any genre in your home country, I feel there’s some weight that comes with that. For symphonic metal in the land of Spain, Diabulus in Musica reigns unchallenged. Is it because they’re the only such group in Spain? I couldn’t fucking tell you, but I can assure you there’s a reason as to why they’re at the very top. Let’s take their forthcoming album of “Dirge for the Archons” as a prime example. The thirteen pieces that we’re delivered with this record (not including the two live tracks on the bonus version) are in no short capacity the most impressive samples of the symphonic metal style that I’ve ever experienced in my days as a metalhead. While “Dirge for the Archons” doesn’t contain to the most catchy or – dare I say it – radio friendly songs that really tantalize the senses of anyone who listens to it, but instead it creates this diverse, epic piece that I feel only the brilliance behind Diabulus in Musica could’ve made, for this album defies all sorts of expectations that a casual listener would go in with and the grand result is nothing short of delicious.

It’s by no means a perfect album in any way (in my eyes, anyway), but there’s no denying how massive of a presence Diabulus in Musica bring in general, but it’s with “Dirge for the Archons” that they truly shine, and I feel many will have to agree with me on that. This album has a massive sense of grandeur matched with equal levels of elegance that’s pulled off in such a manner that I’ve simply no choice but to applaud the splendid effort that Diabulus in Musica has created for us here.

“Dirge for the Archons” releases on November 18th!

PRE-ORDER “Dirge for the Archons” via iTunes here.

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